Hi Guys and Girls ,

What a year it is to visit Dublin with there being so much going on ! 2016 is of course the 100 year anniversary of the 1916 Rising and every where you go in the city you cant help but be reminded of this . There are exhibitions , plays , tours , marches and commemorations being held nearly everyday .
We are very lucky in our location that we are right smack bang in the middle of all this , beside us we we have Collins Barracks Museum which has some great exhibitions for the 1916 Rising such as Proclaiming A Republic: The 1916 Rising, an exciting new exhibition opening 3rd March 2016 will explore the ideas, movements and personalities of early 20th century Ireland, the dramatic events of Easter Week 1916, the impact it had on the city and its citizens, and the Irish nation as a whole.
Across the Liffey and just a 10 min walk we have Kilmainham Gaol which in my opinion is probably the best tour in Dublin ! You will get a guided tour of the gaol and be brought into the cells and see where the leaders of the Rising spent their last hours and see the infamous court yard where they met their faith!
There is so much going on I cant mention everything but lastly id like to recommend the Dublin Bus 1916 Tour which gives a very unique tour through the city with actors on the bus and of course you can get your tickets for this from us at the Tipperary House Dublin at discounted prices .
If you are planning on coming to Dublin for any of these events dont forget you can leave your back packs and luggage with us at the tipperaryhousedublin.com we provide luggage storage for the public and are open 7 days a week from 8am-8pm and charge €5 per bag.
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All the best for now

Mark , Tipperary House Dublin