Once upon a time Parkgate Street in Dublin was full of bed & breakfasts.

Tipperary House is one of the few surviving bed and breakfasts and lives on to welcome a new generation of travelers.

In 1970Tom and Tess Mulvey decided to take over a B&B.

In 2011 Tom and Tess retired. Their son Mark who spent the first years of his life in the B&B took over the business.

Mark had stayed in B&Bs and hostels on his travels through Europe, Australia, South East Asia, South America and Canada, and was full of ideas for the perfect boutique B&B/hostel.

Having traveled extensively and being a Dublin native, Mark knows the difference that including some ‘real Dublin’ attractions can make to a break in Dublin. He loves his job helping tourists and visitors to Dublin enjoy their stay.

Though retired, Tom, can still be found helping out when Mark’s busy and is also full of tips of where to go and what to do.

We got our name from a previous owner who was from County Tipperary and called the B&B Tipperary House.

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